About us

Hi there, we are Gronoss, a company that worked on making an enjoyable experience for our costumers. Our main target is launching goods that can inspire people to make great choices. We started to ponder on that idea in 2018, and we were motivated to encourage and promote charity acts. We choose to be a part of the new century with integrated system from the non-profit organizations that provide us an easy way to help. That's why we decided that 15% of our revenue will be donated to the causes we support. Through our goods we present to you the major issues in the world, which must be detained or at least prevented. Our cases have that creative and innovative approach towards these causes. In order to succeed we need your support and your desire to make great changes. This world can be saved if we unite our forces, join us and together we can make this world a better place.

How Gronoss can help?

We make giving to charity easy and effective. By buying our products we can help you to support and make it simple to help your favourite cause. Once you've made a purchase, it will be automatically donated 15% of our revenue to all the causes we support or to a specific cause of your choice.

Together we can change this world for the better.